RIP, Eugene Conrotto

Eugene L. Conrotto 7/8/29 – 5/30/19

On what would have been his 92nd birthday, we fondly remember Eugene L. Conrotto, who sadly left us two years ago.

Text of ELC’s “Auto-Obituary”

Those who knew Gene well will not be surprised to learn he had worked on his own obituary for years.  In his typical irreverent fashion, he summarizes his life and leaves us with some well-chosen words of wisdom.  Click the image below for the full text.  We’re not sure if it ever made it off his computer; his intent was that it be read over him after his passing.


NOTE:  I have taken the liberty of making a very few corrections to the original (including inserting actual dates). I’ve added a few photos at the end, what few could be gleaned from his hard drive. It should also be noted that—for all his cynicism—Gene reconciled with the Catholic church in his last years.

This site has been created by an early student and grateful mentee of Gene’s, and I plan to maintain it for some time.  His books remain available; the Miwok book continues to sell.  It was always his contention that writing is “the only way to speak from beyond the grave.” An expanded revision of the original “Miwok Means People” was produced in his later years, and will be published in the near future.

— Daniel A. Langhoff

July 8, 2021

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  1. Thank you for maintaining this. I was one of Mr. Conrotto’s sophomore English students at Oakdale High. I still have a few of the letters that he wrote me after I moved to Washington state.


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