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A Circle of Voices:

The MeterMaids 30th Anniversary Anthology

In the Spring of 1990 Liz Amen Baker and Tina Arnopole Driskill came together as volunteers with the 20th Earth Day Celebration and discovered each had a passion for poetry. In September of that year Liz invited friends who wrote poetry to gather, write and share their poetry, and the group has continued that tradition for more than 30 years.

A diverse group of poetry lovers have been welcome over those years, including mothers, daughters, grandmothers, educators, a rabbi, a doctor, a retired social worker, a school maintenance person, an LGBTQ member, a therapist, a Girl Scout staff member, and a guy or two. Each has brought a unique perspective to the table.

The group, which had no name for many years, evolved into the nurturing, creative sisterhood now known as The MeterMaids. The recipe for the group’s close knit longevity is told through poetry in Section One of this anthology.

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[We were proud to assist in the production of this volume.]

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