RIP, Eugene Conrotto

On what would have been his 92nd birthday, we fondly remember Eugene L. Conrotto, who sadly left us two years ago.

Those who knew Gene well will not be surprised to learn he had worked on his own obituary for years. … Read the rest

Comic Book for Oldsters

At long last—a comic book (dare we say, “graphic novel”?) for people of a certain age!

 [Yet it’s plenty dystopian enough for hipsters.]


Now available as a Kindle eBook.  Specially formatted so you can enjoy a panel at a time on compatible readers.… Read the rest

Miwok Means People

Miwok Means People, out of print since the 1970s, has been reprinted—and is also available as an eBook!  

Imagine you live in a self-contained village where your parents and their parents and all your forebears from the beginning of time have lived.

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The Memoirs of Caesar Honore

August 1849. A young Bostonian’s fate is sealed less than two hours after he lands in San Francisco. Judge Hyrum Milton has a “curious enterprise” for the newly-minted parolee: disassemble the beautiful red-and-yellow-lacquered made-in-China Vista Del Mar bawdy house in Monterey (where the California Constitutional Convention is taking place) and reassemble it as the Vista Del Monte in the vortex of the California Gold Rush, Sonoran Camp.… Read the rest

Classroom Strategies

Open the windows and let some fresh air into your classroom!

Classroom Strategies for the Subversive English Teacher offers practical support, teaching strategies, and non-conformist survival skills for an increasingly bureaucratic profession.


Not a teacher?

Subversive English Teacher is also chock full of wit, wisdom, and life lessons. … Read the rest

Avanti America


36 Tales of the Piemontese in a Small California Farming Paradise

Piemonte means “foothill”—at the foot of the mountains, in this case the Alps in northwest Italy, originally inhabited by Celtic-Ligurian tribes whose capital was destroyed by Hannibal. 



I once asked my father if he would be interested in touring California’s Mother Lode gold country with me.

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A Day with the Ant-People

Strange goings-on—the sun alters its course, the narrator’s dead wife appears and reappears, the house has separate rooms for everything—including junk mail—and a rock-throwing “war” against the railroad-tie Ant-People thieves.

This surrealistic tale will test your allegorical skills and tickle your sense of the absurd.… Read the rest

Lost Gold & Silver Mines of the Southwest

The Lost Mine of Coconino … The Desert Queen … Dutch Oven Mine … Lost Treasure of Sonoyta … dozens of tales of long-lost mines, rich veins of ore, silver lodes, buried treasure, and other bonanzas reputedly there for the finding are described, along with maps of the regions.… Read the rest

Delmonico’s Game Recipes

Hunters, adventuresome cooks, and the historically curious will all find something of interest in Delmonico’s Game Recipes:  Provender from Field and Sky.

Eating is something we do three or more times a day, but dining is a much rarer phenomenon.

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