Comic Book for Oldsters

World’s first comic book for oldsters

At long last—a comic book (dare we say, “graphic novel”?) for people of a certain age! [Yet plenty dystopian enough for hipsters.]

The world of end-of-life is not for the faint of heart, delicate of constitution, or weak of stomach—unless there is someone there to clean it up. 

Eugene L. Conrotto copes with the absurdities—and indignities—of life in a convalescent hospital by chronicling only slightly exaggerated events, rules, and fellow inmates.  It’s a world in which laughter is the only medicine left to those who still have their marbles.


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“Poured a very large drink, then sat down with this book.  Found it to be a very serviceable eye shade. When I awoke, I enjoyed it again.  A drink, that is.  The book resists saliva admirably.” –  Gen. R.U. Still-Heer, ret.

“A must-read for everyone who’s old, or old at heart.” – Croaker Swanson

“Think The Singing Detective, without the psoriasis.” – Ed “Geezer” Smith

“I laughed, I cried—then I read this.” – Stewart Johns

Cuckoo’s Nest for an even more neglected area of medicine.” – Dr. I.M. Dunn


[NOTE:  Describing something as “the very cleft of the buttocks” struck the author as an appropriate disparagement of this de-humanized world. He can’t remember where he heard the phrase, however—he’s old.]

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