RIP, Eugene Conrotto

On what would have been his 92nd birthday, we fondly remember Eugene L. Conrotto, who sadly left us two years ago.

Those who knew Gene well will not be surprised to learn he had worked on his own obituary for years. … Read the rest

About the Author

Eugene L. Conrotto was born in Gilroy, California, at the southern end of Santa Clara Valley known today as Silicon Valley.
He has lived his life two decades at a time.
For the first 20 years he was a student, that experience culminating in a degree in anthropology from Stanford University.… Read the rest

About Hypatia Media

Carl Sagan was asked if he could go back in time to visit one place on earth, where would he go?

He chose the Great Library of Alexandria.

From its founding in 300 B.C. to its destruction in 400 A.D, the Library was the major center of scholarship in the Ancient World.… Read the rest

ELC Ephemera

As we find interesting nuggets in the archives, we will digitize and make them available.  First entries are from early in Mr. Conrotto’s teaching career:  material on how to give a speech, and a summer school project’s report on student communications. … Read the rest


No less a writer than Erle Stanley Gardner (he of Perry Mason fame) had this to say of Mr. Conrotto:

I have had contacts, both direct and indirect, with Eugene Conrotto for many years. I have known of his activities both as a writer and an editor, and I regard him as a very talented individual with a down­ to-earth practical approach to the whole subject of writing which will be of great value to anyone interested in magazine writing.Read the rest

The Memoirs of Caesar Honore

 Feb. 2016:  Now available through Amazon and NOOK.

August 1849. The young Bostonian’s fate is sealed less than two hours after he lands in San Francisco. Judge Hyrum Milton has a “curious enterprise” for the newly-minted parolee: disassemble the beautiful red-and-yellow-lacquered made-in-China Vista Del Mar bawdy house in Monterey (where the California Constitutional Convention is taking place) and reassemble it as the Vista Del Monte in the vortex of the California Gold Rush, Sonoran Camp.… Read the rest

Miwok Means People

Miwok Means People, long out of print as a hardcover, is now available as an eBook!  

From the original dust jacket:

“The Miwok people were one of many tribes who lived in California for cen­turies before the white man came. The Miwok’s home was in the gold-laden foothills of the Central Sierra Nevada range.… Read the rest

About eBooks

There are now many ways to enjoy eBooks.  You don’t need an official Kindle or Nook device—you can read them on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.  You may need to add a program (or “app”) to do so, but  the same “app” is available for most devices. … Read the rest