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Miwok Means People

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Miwok Means People, out of print since the 1970s, is back—in both paperback and eBook form.

Imagine you live in a self-contained village where your parents and their parents and all your forebears from the beginning of time have lived. Imagine that within a day’s walking distance from your village are the villages of other People.

Then imagine that in the space of a few months 90,000 ûyeayû—white men—come uninvited to all the PEOPLE’S villages to tear away the ground under their feet looking for rocks. For each one of you there are 10 of them. Imagine!

Avanti America

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The author asked his father if he would be interested in touring California’s Mother Lode. “What’s up there?” he was asked.

“History. History of California that goes back 150 years to the Gold Rush.”

“Come back to Piemonte with me,” his father answered, “and I’ll show you where Hannibal stabled his elephants.” 

Enjoy 36 colorful tales of the author’s extended family, immigrants to a unique part of the country—from an equally interesting culture.

Notes on My Stay at a Convalescent Home

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At long last—the world’s first “graphic novel” for oldsters! [Yet dystopian enough for hipsters.]

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The world of end-of-life is not for the faint of heart, delicate of constitution, or weak of stomach. One man copes with the absurdities—and indignities—of life in a convalescent home by recording only slightly exaggerated events, house rules, and characters.

The Memoirs of Caesar Honore

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August 1849. A young Bostonian’s fate is sealed less than two hours after he lands in San Francisco. Judge Hyrum Milton has a “curious enterprise” for the newly-minted parolee: disassemble the beautiful red-and-yellow-lacquered Vista Del Mar bawdy house in Monterey (where the California Constitutional Convention is taking place) and reassemble it as the Vista Del Monte in the vortex of the California Gold Rush, Sonoran Camp. 

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A Circle of Voices

The MeterMaids 30th Anniversary Anthology

Poetry of experienced poets from Modesto, California.

Classroom Strategies

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Classroom Strategies for the Subversive English Teacher offers practical support, teaching strategies, and non-conformist survival skills for an increasingly bureaucratic profession. 

Life lessons are also included, making it an entertaining read for anyone—no extra charge. It will show you how to improve your reading, writing, and critical thinking―vital elements to personal growth.

Now available in eBook format.

Delmonico’s Game Recipes

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Hunters, adventuresome cooks, and the historically curious will all find something of interest in Delmonico’s Game Recipes:  Provender from Field and Sky.

A hunk of braised venison is a hunk of braised venison, but a colbert sauce—butter, lemon, nutmeg, sherry, chopped parsley—makes a strategic diversion. Delmonico’s elaborate creations will give you get a “taste” of a vanished time. Read sample pages here.

A limited number of new paperbacks are available.

A Day With the Ant-People

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Strange goings-on—the sun alters its course, the narrator’s dead wife appears and reappears, the house has separate rooms for everything—including junk mail—and a rock-throwing “war” against the railroad-tie Ant-People thieves.

This surrealistic little tale will test your allegorical skills and tickle your sense of the absurd.

Lost Gold & Silver Mines of the Southwest

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The Lost Mine of Coconino … The Desert Queen … Dutch Oven Mine … Lost Treasure of Sonoyta … dozens of tales of long-lost mines, rich veins of ore, silver lodes, buried treasure, and other bonanzas.

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